How many years are marine distress flares good for?

How many years are marine distress flares good for is a popular question boaters ask, and is a popular question on the Trasport Canada boating exam. And for good reason.

First thing you should know about distress flares is that there are four types of flares (Type A, B, C and D) approved by Transport Canada.

And the best way to maintain your distress flares is to keep them in a dry location (watertight container) so they remain in good working condition.

But, the most frequently asked question about distress flares is, how long are they good for?

Flares expire four (4) years after date of manufacture and must be stamped.

If you want to legally operate a pleasure craft - there's much more to learn about distress flares.

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Distress flares expire every 4 years


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