How many types of inflatable PFDs are available?

Inflatable PFDs are very popular these days for their lightweight comfort.

That's why the information is on the new Transport Canada boating exam.

However, not all people can wear the inflatable personal flotation device.

For one, kids under the age of 16 can't wear them.

Inflatable PFDs come in the following two styles: 

Vest and Pouch types.

Vest types that can be inflated orally, manually (with a CO2 system) or automatically, and

Pouch types that can be orally inflated or manually inflated by pulling a toggle to activate a CO2 inflation system.

If you want to legally operate a pleasure craft - there's much more to learn about Inflatable PFDs.

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Inflatable PFD's automatically inflate when someone hits the water.



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