How do I pass the boating exam?

If you pass your boating exam, you can make waves like Tamara did!Last Tuesday at the pub, I met a nice girl named Tamara.

After a few minutes of sports talk, business and other BS, we ended up talking about boats.

Tamara said she LOVES boating, but like many Canadian boaters she didn’t have her pleasure craft operator card.

“My parents won’t let me take our boat out because I haven’t passed my boating test yet.” Tamara said, while shaking her head a few times.

“How do I pass the boating exam? Tests are so hard. Is there an easier way to get the boat licence? I gotta pass my exam this weekend and I am scared of tests!” Tamara says.

“Why do you have to pass your boaters test this weekend?” I questioned.

“Or else my parents are going to sell our family boat! We’re going up to the cottage and I’ve put the exam off for years… and my parents have been pestering me for over 2 years to take the exam. I hate exams! I suck at them! I’ve never been good at them. And my parents are sick of all my excuses now.” She whimpered.

“Well, I’m not going to let this happen any longer. I’ll help you!” I shouted.

“How are you going to help me? I really need to PASS the exam this weekend. And there is no way I can pass the test that quick!” Tamara whined.

“Yeah you can. I own a website that helps boaters study, pass and remember their boating exam. You can EASILY pass your final boating test in ONE DAY with our new boating exam cheat sheet!” I said confidently.

“Really?” Tamara said with a big smile.

“Yeah, so here’s the deal. First we need to stop your parents from selling the family boat. I’ll help you pass your boating exam before this weekend. Surprise them when you pass it. It’s only Tuesday. Let’s get started today.” I explained.

Tamara put her arm around me and happily said… “Yes! You’re awesome. I’m so happy I met you Steve!”

“I’m happy to help. That’s why I built the site. Let me send you some information. What’s your email address?” I asked her.

Tamara told me her email address and I emailed her a message later in the day.

My message to Tamara read like this:

“Tamara, if you want to pass your boating exam FAST, all of the answers are in the new boating test cheat sheet. There’s no need to stress out anymore - because if you don’t understand a question when taking your boating exam, you can use the search bar to find the answer. Just follow my instructions in the emails I send you after you receive the cheat sheet. If you follow my instructions, I promise you’ll pass your exam EASY. But, you need to promise me something too! After you pass your boating exam – shoot me an email back and you can try the newly released boating exam review. The REVIEW is great because you’ll be reminded of what information was in your boating exam study guide. It’s really handy as you’ll be refreshed of all the important boating information again via emails. But, don’t worry about the boating exam review right now. Like I said, for now follow my lead with the cheat sheet and pass your exam fast so your parents don’t sell your boat! If you have any questions, just let me know.”

So, did Tamara take my advice how to pass the online boating test?

Well, I’m happy to report Tamara emailed me back saying she passed and got her boating operator card - with ease.

“Steve, I got 96% on my exam!!! YIPPEE!!! Oh... and thank you so much for the $12 OFF COUPON! Can I try your boating exam review now???" Her email message said.

“Wow 96% is an awesome score. Does that mean your family still owns the boat? Of course you can try the review. I’m happy to hear you want to refresh your boating knowledge with these helpful emails.” I replied.

“Thanks Steve!!! The exam was super easy with the cheat sheet! About half of the questions I knew but when I didn’t know the answer, searching for the answers were really easy with the search bar. The cheat sheet is kinda like a search engine!!! And yes we still have our boat!!! My parents were surprised when I showed them my temporary operator card I printed out. The boating exam review will help me and I’m sure my P’s will be happy I’m learning more too. It won’t hurt to be refreshed of the rules and regulations, criminal offences, buoys, etc. I sure hope I am not the only boater in Canada that doesn’t know everything!?!? It will be great to keep in touch with all of the important boating stuff. BTW the boat is in the water right now!! I should get going. I’m going wakeboarding with my friends tonight! Thanks for all of your help!!! Keep in touch!!” She wrote back.

It’s nice to see Tamara so happy about boating again.

She was down and out because she didn’t have her pleasure craft operator card.

Tamara thought she would never be able to pass the exam.

Then she overcame her fear and passed the test no problem.

So, what about you?

Are you still without your pleasure craft operator card?

Maybe you want some stress off your back too?

You know, we’ve done the hard work for you.

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