… and you will realize after, that learning boating this way is super convenient, way easier to remember and most importantly, you could save the lives of your friends and family members on board your boat …

Dear boater,The Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide - 'Email Edition'

Imagine how good you’d feel if you knew everything that was going to be on your Transport Canada online boating exam?

In fact, now you can learn ALL of the boating exam study guide reference points one-by-one without even opening a book.

To explain, I just finished building a new product called the Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide – ‘Email Edition’.

It’s a new product that helps boaters study, learn and remember boating easier so they are not overwhelmed with all the rules, laws and terminology at once.

You’ll get every single boating exam study reference point straight to your email inbox one by one, every day, for 211 straight days.

You see, if you sign up for the Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide – ‘Email Edition’ today, you will start to learn boating slowly and methodically so your brain automatically remembers each reference point that could be on your boating exam.

Of course, I wish this boating operator card study guide option was around when I had to study for my pleasure craft operator card.

But, that was then and this is now.

Right now, I’m just happy this study guide for your online boater’s course may help save the lives of everyone on board your boat.

In particular, usually it is your friends and family members who are on board your boat - so you need to know your stuff to keep your loved ones safe.

Get started today and take advantage of the most convenient boating exam study tool to prepare for your boater safety exam in Canada.


What are the benefits of this safe boater manual?

Learn Every Boating Exam Reference Point - The government decided that close to a thousand study reference points would be needed for a boater to study for their boating exam, so I have set up this boating manual so you learn a different study reference point every single day via email.

Easier to Remember - You probably live a busy life. We have found that it’s very easy to learn the Canadian safe boating guide when it’s delivered to you one email at a time, without you doing much. All you have to do is open your email each day and learn everything there is to pass and remember for your boating exam.

Learn the Go - Now it’s easier than ever to open your emails on the go. For instance, you can open these study guide emails on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

100% No-Risk Guarantee - That’s right. A 100% un-sinkable guarantee! With your purchase, you get a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t find this Canadian pleasure craft operator card study guide helpful, then tell me and you will get 100% of your money back, guaranteed – no questions asked!


Maybe the Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide ‘Email Edition’ can help you. Look what our customers are saying …


"This was a great service, it's very easy to understand and explained well. My whole family needs to learn from you." - Debbie Borders
"Like the emails a lot Steve, very informative and to the point." - Dave Aston
"I've been boating for over 40 years and this was a great reminder of the boating terms, navigation buoys, signs and all the saftey stuff. This really refreshed my boating mind. Thanks very much Steve." - Bob Grey

How does the 90-Second set-up work?




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In the “Please confirm your email address” email, click the confirmation link in the email so your Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide - ‘Email Edition’ will begin with your first email “Start your engines”.

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You will learn ...

How to become the hot shot boat captain at the dock with your endless knowledge of important boating terms.

What to do when someone suddenly falls overboard and why you have to gage the wind quickly.

What the penalty is for towing water-skiers after the “one hour after dusk” law.

What the difference is between standard lifejacket and lifejackets.

How many horsepower on a pleasure craft a seven year old can operate with no supervision.

How to huddle with others in cold water to preserve heat.

What the difference between control buoys and information buoy is.

While going down river, what side to keep on if you come to red buoy.

How many feet of anchor line a 24 foot pleasure craft needs.

Plus lots more…


Our 100% No-Risk Guarantee!

Try the Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide – ‘Email Edition’ for 30 days and find out for yourself.

If you read every study guide email sent to you and you still feel you are not learning anything, just tell me and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

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30 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide – ‘Email Edition’ is NO RISK to you.

If you don’t learn anything from the Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide – ‘Email Edition’ over the next 30 days - you will get 100% money back. No questions asked.

This boating exam study guide will help you study, pass and remember your boating exam easier.

Get started today!


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