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Click here to take this FREE 8 question quiz called "know your winds".


This boating quiz called "Know Your Winds" is a short 8 question multiple choice quiz. 

All boat captains should check their local forecast before heading out each few hours because it could save not only your life but your passengers.

Next time you check your local marine forecast on your VHF, in the media or on your telephone - you will hear these marine forecast terms one time or another.

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Click here to take this FREE boating quiz called "know your VHF".


A 26 question marine communications quiz is great because when you have to radio or call the Coast Guard - you will more than likely have to tell them the name of your vessel and or your call sign.

All twenty six letters of the alphabet were given an International way of pronouncing to make it clear around the world.

Please review this quiz to learn each letters pronunciation.

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Click here to take the boat exam practice test now.


This is the older version of 59 question and answer boating exam practice test.

However, even though it's not the latest version, you can still take advantage of this quiz to study for your boating exam or if you just want to refresh that old mind of yours.

Learn all the buoys, learn safety stuff, learn lights and learn signs, and much more.

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